Purple Kunzite 46.50 ct Flawless Oval gemstone - stunning huge natural gemstone


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Purple Kunzite 46.50 ct Flawless Oval gemstone - stunning huge natural gemstone


This colour of this Kunzite is purple- pink.

This is a very big gemstone should would perhaps suit a pendant.

This natural gemstone has been heated to produce its intense rich colour (99% of Kunzite have been treated).


Carat weight: 46.50
Clarity: Flawless
Cut: Oval
Measurements: 23mm x 16mm x 15mm
Colour: Purple-Pink
Origin: Afghanistan


Kunzite was first recognised as a unique variety of spodumene around 1902.

Kunzite is a relative newcomer to the array of coloured stones available for use in jewellery. As the story goes, specimens of an as-yet-unidentified pink crystal were found in San Diego County, California, and sent to Tiffany & Co.’s mineralogist, George Frederick Kunz. The year was 1902. Kunz was able to confirm that the crystals were, in fact, spodumene, but the previously unrecognised colour made the find a new variety of the mineral.

Charles Baskerville, a chemistry professor at the University of North Carolina and later the City College of New York, subsequently named kunzite in honor of George Kunz in 1903.

In the years since, kunzite has proven to be a highly desirable gem. Occurring in attractive shades of pink to violet, kunzite crystals are also often large, with relatively few inclusions. Though difficult to cut due to its two cleavage directions, it lends itself to lovely finished gems that show magnificently in fine jewellery.

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